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Veito Carbon Infrared heaters are made using the latest carbon fibre technology. Optimised for performance, the heating elements provide consistent long lasting service. Innovative and contemporary, Veito's high quality electronics have proven superior performance.

Veito heaters are tomorrows heaters today. The use of carbon fibre technology in the infrared heaters ensures even and uniform distribution of heat. Not just any electric heater, the Veito’s carbon tube produces mid-wave infrared heat and lasts up to 10,000 hours.

Smart features include 4 power levels so you can select the heat setting according to the warmth you need.

The remote control allows you to set the heating power, adjust the thermostat or set the sleep timer.

Built-in safety features include overheat protection and motion sensitive automatic power-off which is activated if the heater is tipped over. Additionally, Veito heaters will not power on again until placed back into an upright position.

Because the Veito Carbon Infrared Heater can be mounted vertically as well as the standard mount of ceiling or wall, it fits into any limited indoor or outdoor space.

Economical radiant heaters for Home, Hospitality and the Workplace.
European design and manufactured.

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