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Energy Efficient Heating

Veito infrared heaters are highly efficient because they convert 100% of input power into heat.
Designed to maximise heating capacity, the heaters take seconds to reach full heat once switched on and make an affordable and economical heating solution.

The Carbon Infrared Heaters are eco-friendly and economical to run as they work on highly efficient infrared heat waves. The carbon fibre elements distribute heat uniformly to people and objects within their path and generate approximately 25% more heat than other heaters at the same power input.

Veito heaters are different from conventional space heaters because they do not waste energy heating the air. Just like the sun, the heat produced by the carbon infrared waves is absorbed by your skin, clothes and other objects within the range of the heater leaving you feeling comfortably warm .

Veito Heaters allow you to heat zones and individuals instead of an entire space. By utilising zone heating you only heat the area you need which helps you save money on your heating bills.   

Economical radiant heaters for Home, Hospitality and the Workplace.
European design and manufactured.

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