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Enjoy Your Alfresco Lifestyle All Year Long

Veito Silver Blade Installed in Alfresco

Don’t let the cooler weather drive you inside! As the summer months begin to fade and winter makes its presence felt, it doesn’t mean you have to retreat indoors and hibernate. With the aid of some effective and efficient heating, it is possible to enjoy an outdoor lifestyle year round.   

With the correct heater in your outdoor space you’ll find that you can use this area during the winter months in comfort. In recent years the development of infrared heating makes it much easier and economical to keep your outdoor area comfortable throughout the cooler months of the year. 

Electric radiant heaters are in more demand because they have a slim body, are unobtrusive and give an even heat dispersion. They provide instant heat and require minimal maintenance. The stylish and efficient heaters can be ceiling or wall mounted to ensure valuable floor space is not wasted. Because the rear of a Veito Blade heater does not get very hot it can also be mounted under canvas umbrellas and shade sails. 

The Veito Blade carbon infrared technology provides sun like heating. And, just like the sun, the radiant heat transfers natural warmth directly to people and objects rather than the surrounding air. 

The Veito offers the ultimate comfort and style. Veito Blade directs sun-like heat rays to people and objects rather than heating the surrounding air. Heating within seconds of being switched on and converting 100% of the power used to heat means they are an extremely efficient and highly effective heater. 

Full remote control allows you to easily control heat levels, power settings, timer function and automatic temperature control and the same remote can be used with more than one Veito heater. 

The sleek modern design blends with any home décor, contemporary or traditional and does not occupy unnecessary space. Mounting to a wall or ceiling makes it easy to use outdoors. 

With the flick of a switch it's easier than ever to enjoy the comfort, warmth and ambience in your outdoor space.


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