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Safe and environmentally friendly outdoor and indoor heater

Veito Silver Blade Installed on Outdoor Shade

Veito heaters are safe for use outdoors or indoors and do not require ventilation. They are silent in operation and do not emit greenhouse gases or unpleasant odours. Veito offers the ultimate comfort because it warms you up without making you suffer from congestion or air pollution of any kind, so it is good for people who have allergies.

Because the rear of the Veito heater is made from high grade insulation, there is no heat generated to other surfaces from the back. This allows mounting close to canvas awnings and under market umbrellas.

Like the sun, Veito heaters will only warm people and objects in areas that the infrared light hits. 100% of the energy used by Veito carbon infrared heater is turned into heat and only you, objects and surfaces in the direct path of the heat rays are warmed. Heating up within seconds, you can begin to feel the instant warmth of sunshine from the infrared heater. Whether indoors or out you can enjoy time with family and friends in comfort.

Because infrared heats objects and people directly and not the air, the Veito heater is an economical heating option indoors or out. 


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