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Why infrared heating is the best option

Veito carbon infrared heaters are designed to warm you just like the warm rays of the sun. Infrared is a wave-band in the electromagnetic spectrum, coming just after the colour “Red”, which is how it gets its name.  Infrared light isn’t visible because it’s beyond the spectrum we can see. That’s the essence of an infrared heater. The heat is a product of light that is invisible to our eyes. The reason we get warm from an infrared heater is because our skin and clothes absorb the l...

August 10, 2018

Safe and environmentally friendly outdoor and indoor heater

Veito heaters are safe for use outdoors or indoors and do not require ventilation. They are silent in operation and do not emit greenhouse gases or unpleasant odours. Veito offers the ultimate comfort because it warms you up without making you suffer from congestion or air pollution of any kind, so it is good for people who have allergies. Because the rear of the Veito heater is made from high grade insulation, there is no heat generated to other surfaces from the back. This allows mounting clos...

August 10, 2018

Enjoy Your Alfresco Lifestyle All Year Long

Don’t let the cooler weather drive you inside! As the summer months begin to fade and winter makes its presence felt, it doesn’t mean you have to retreat indoors and hibernate. With the aid of some effective and efficient heating, it is possible to enjoy an outdoor lifestyle year round.    With the correct heater in your outdoor space you’ll find that you can use this area during the winter months in comfort. In recent years the development of infrared heating makes it much easie...

August 8, 2018

Savings and Versatility - Just A Click Away

Innovative Veito Blade heaters allow you to customise your comfort level in different zones of your commercial space to help you minimise electric consumption with the least effort.  The smart wireless interface of the remote control allows you to regulate independently the intensity of heat of each unit with just one remote control. This helps you to provide the right level of comfort dependent on the needs of each space.  Heat adjustment to 4 different Power settings (800, 1,200, 160...

February 27, 2018

Make the most of your outdoor living space

Living in Australia, we are naturally drawn to the outdoors; brekkies on the veranda, lunch on the patio and back yard BBQ's, we all love the great outdoors. Just as importantly, we like to socialise and today that means outdoor entertaining in comfort and style. So it’s no surprise that creating outdoor rooms has become one of the fastest growing lifestyle trends in Australia today. Whether a patio, balcony or a transformation into a complete alfresco living room with outdoor kitchen, dining,...

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