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    Veito Blade MINI Black Heater

    Carbon Infrared Radiant Heater IP55
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    The Veito Blade Mini 1200W electric heater is built using the latest Carbon fibre infrared technology and offers instant and comfortable warmth within seconds after switching on. The modern and stylish design occupies minimal space and is extremely suitable for use in narrow and compact spaces, bathrooms, small offices, commercial umbrellas, caravans etc.The Veito Blade Mini is energy efficient and can be used both indoors or outdoors due to its water-resistant design (IP55).


    • Energy efficient Infrared Heater
    • Latest Carbon fibre technology
    • Instant heat with push button and remote control
    • Automatic temperature control, 4 Power Settings
    • Safety device: Over heat Protection, Tip-over protection
    • Safe – no gas emission or oxygen consumption
    • IP55 weather resistant for indoor or outdoor alfresco use
    • Easy installation
    • 2-year warranty

    Veito Mini 1200 (IP55) - Wall and Ceiling Mounted Heater

    Innovative and stylish, Veito Blade will fit into any small indoor or outdoor space. The heater is designed to warm you just like the sun and has a weatherproof design.

    Highly efficient and economical to run the carbon infrared radiant heaters create consistent savings.

    Infrared Radiant Heat - Innovative Technology

    Made using the latest carbon fibre technology, this new technology gives 25% more heat on the same power when compared with quartz heaters. The element generates fast and even heat distribution and just like the sun, Veito heaters use infrared heat to warm people, objects and surfaces.

    Veito infrared heaters intelligent design and quality construction brings you high performance heat generation with reduced light output.

    Four adjustable heat settings - 600, 800, 1000 and 1200 watts, let you regulate the heating capacity to gently heat the body and keep consistent warmth according to the weather conditions.

    The full function remote control supplied with Veito Blade Mini lets you adjust heater power settings / heat levels with the automatic temperature control feature. All Veito Blade infrared heaters have the same frequency, so it is possible to control several heaters with just one remote.

    Built-in safety features include motion sensitive auto shut-off which turns off the heater if tipped over. 

    Instant heat and Energy efficient radiant heaters

    Unlike conventional heaters that waste energy trying to heat the air. The Veito Blade Mini is extremely efficient taking only seconds to heat up and convert 100% of the power supplied to them into heat.

    By using infrared heat supplied by the Blade Mini you can direct the warmth to where you want and need it. Because Veito Blade Mini 1200 works on infrared heat waves that are evenly distributed to people and objects within their path, they make an economical heating option indoors or out.

    Durable and weatherproof outdoor heater

    Veito Infrared Heaters are designed for strong and long-life performance and are the perfect solution for your indoor heating or outdoor heating requirements.

    Compact and sturdy, the outer edges and back are heat resistant.

    The durable and hard-wearing radiant heating element lasts up to 10,000 hours and has a 2-year warranty. Water resistant IP55 means you can place the Blade Mini in Bathrooms as well as outdoors.

    Modern, slim-line design for easy installation

    A stylish and elegant heater, Veito Blade has a compact, slim line design that seamlessly fits anywhere and anyway you want. Vertical, horizontal or suspended from a ceiling – the electric heater is easily installed using the fixing brackets supplied. Only requires one standard power point (GPO):- 240V 50Hz 10 amp.


    Model: HOVBM-B

    Power supply: 220-240 AC 50Hz

    Current: 5.2A

    Maximum Power: 1200W

    Dimensions (LxDxH): 700mm x 130mm x 90mm

    Weight: 2.0 kg

    Veito Filament Carbon bulb: 10,000 hours

    IP Rating: IP 55 (water resistant)

    Box contains
    1 x Veito Blade 1200 Carbon Infrared Heater
    1 x Remote control with battery
    1 x Wall bracket set
    1 x Product manual

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