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How Veito started

Veito Australia is an onseller of European design and manufactured Veito Carbon Infrared Heaters.

Since 1979 Veito has been developing environmentally friendly products. Veito's first product an electric instant water heater, became very popular due to its ability to produce hot water immediately and continuously.

Fast forward to June 2007 Veito took another huge step and launched its first Carbon Infrared Heater – a revolution in indoor and outdoor heating. These amazing heaters heat just like the sun and have IP55 certification so they are water resistant and rated for protection against the outdoor elements. Intelligent design and high quality construction, Veito brings you year-round reliability, comfort and energy savings.

Constantly analysing and working to improve the quality of all products, Veito is a renowned leader in style and innovation. Veito products are sold in countries through out the world including Europe, UK, Canada and the USA. They are known for their state-of-the-art designs and high-quality construction.

  • Just to let you know that the heaters arrived safely yesterday, and today we had them all mounted.

    We’re very happy with the result, considering everything is like an ice block at this moment. I’ve never known such cold, coupled with the strongest winds I’ve ever experienced other than in relation to cyclones.

    It’s very convenient to have the remote control operation as clients will be unaware that we will be adjusting them, or even turning them off.

    We really appreciate your service considering the great distance involved.

    @ Shirley, from Mundo Churrasco - Brisbane, Qld

  • I bought the Veito Blade for a party that I am having this weekend and have just tested the heater. I was very surprised at how well it heats. I didn’t expect it to be this good.

    Thanks for all your help. 

    @ Tanya, from Perth, WA

Veito Heater Technology

Indoor and Outdoor Patio Heaters

Sleek, modern, stylish and high quality construction, Veito infrared heaters are the perfect choice for indoor or alfresco heating requirements. Robust, hard wearing and IP55 certification, they are rated for protection against the outdoor elements.

Energy Efficient Heating

Veito infrared heaters are highly efficient because they convert 100% of input power into heat.
Designed to maximise heating capacity, the heaters take seconds to reach full heat once switched on and make an affordable and economical heating solution.

Veito Smart Technology

Veito Carbon Infrared heaters are made using the latest carbon fibre technology. Optimised for performance, the heating elements provide consistent long lasting service. Innovative and contemporary, Veito's high quality electronics have proven superior performance.

Economical radiant heaters for Home, Hospitality and the Workplace.
European design and manufactured.

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