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Instant heat, high performance

Warmth just like the sun, weatherproof design and 2 year warranty

Veito Black Blade with Icons

Robust heaters for indoor and outdoor use

Veito Carbon Infrared Heaters deliver consistent long-life performance and are the perfect solution for your outdoor or indoor heating requirements.


Stylish, modern design fits seamlessly with any surrounding. Clean, silent instant heat at a flick of switch with no fumes or emissions.

Veito Silver Blade Installed in Bathroom



Indoor And Outdoor Patio Heaters

Sleek, modern, stylish and high quality construction, Veito carbon infrared heaters are the perfect choice for indoor or alfresco heating requirements. Robust, hard wearing and IP55 certification, they are rated for protection against the outdoor elements.

Energy Efficient Heating

Veito carbon infrared heaters are highly efficient because they convert 100% of input power into heat. Designed to maximise heating capacity, the heaters take seconds to reach full heat once switched on and make an affordable and economical heating solution.

Veito Smart Technology

Veito carbon infrared heaters are made using the latest carbon fibre technology. Optimised for performance, the heating elements provide consistent long lasting service. Innovative and contemporary, Veito's high quality electronics have proven superior performance.

Economical radiant heaters for home, hospitality and the workplace. European design and manufactured.


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